Black River Distillery is a producer of fine spirits out of Pamplico, South Carolina. Established in 2016, Black River Distillery was opened by Gary G. Jewell with the help of his son, Jefferson, and daughter, Heather. 

Jefferson Jewell carries with him the experience of the art and restaurant service industries. This is evident from his time at the Art Institute and working as a cook in Charleston, North Carolina. Heather shines in versatility while she immerses herself in the family business. In addition to running a distillery, she is also a gymnastic coach and an acrobat in Pirates Voyage. Thus, Gary is proud to fulfill his dream of owning a family run business, especially as he starts this new chapter of Black River Distillery alongside his now grown and experienced children. As of this fall, the local Pamplico distillery has a license to distribute their vodka. It is a culmination of the family’s 170 year old recipe and Gary’s dedication to tradition and skilled distillery. 

This unique, gluten-free vodka is sources its primary grain, corn, from South Carolina. Nevertheless, its recipe stems from a rich family history dating all the way back to 1850 in Nebraska. The Nebraskan native who started it all, William Jewell, wrote his first recipe for a distilled spirit in the 1850’s. Subsequently, the life work of William is laid to rest and nearly forgotten for two generations. This comes as a result of his death, along with the tighter restrictions on liquor leading up to Prohibition. However, in 1969, Gary Jewell revives his great-grandfather’s recipes. For the next 30 years, Gary travels around the world, experimenting with William’s recipes and honing his skills as a distiller. 

The Jewell family at Black River Distillery is excited to announce their expanding retail distribution and restaurant availability. Cheers to a bright future for locally-sourced spirits, growing family businesses, and serving friends and family with the best drink the Carolina’s has to offer!